My Zombie Dog



Take one shy teenage boy, a dopey best mate, a granny who's lost her marbles (and teeth), a kid sister who bites back and a smelly demon dog. What you'll get is My Zombie Dog.

All Zane wants for his birthday is a dog. A real dog. A guy's dog. But his mum brings home this little mutt and wants to call it 'Fluffy'. Seriously? It's shaggy, smells undead and bites people. And why do its victims all turn sluggish and keep asking Zane for brains? One by one, everyone he knows is becoming infected. Join Zane as he takes on the neighbourhood zombie plague.

For fans of Paul Jennings, RL Stine, and Andy Griffiths

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Title: My Zombie Dog

Author: Charmaine Clancy

Publisher: Hot Doggy Press

ISBNs: 978-1719952842 (pbk)

Paperback: 225 pages

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"Charmaine Clancy's My Zombie Dog, completely captured my attention. I almost couldn't put it down, even when the food was burning in the oven. Just kidding! Seriously, this is a riveting story!

The typical audience for this novel is tweens and teens. However, even adults can get absorbed and lost into this twisting, fast-paced tale. The language is simple, and Clancy really gets into the head of her 14 year old main character, Zane. He has the typical tone of voice, language and common issues of any teen. Clancy demonstrates her understanding of the youth and captures it in this story; her ability to fully live the teen character is rarely found among writers to such an extent. She amazed me with her characterizations of all of her main characters."

Lena Winfrey Hayat

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